Search Engine Optimization Group

Helping Companies Navigate The World of SEO

Owning an Organic Listing for a Keyword

Be found on the first page of a specific organic search listing for Google. Let us show you how.


A website designed with conversion in mind and that meets Google’s standard for indexing.


Content like podcasts, videos, and how-to blogs are the backbone of a good SEO result.


Great leveraged content will get you noticed by Google’s algorithm and create indexes under keywords.

SEO Optimized

Tapping into a market of ready buyers who are researching purchasing decisions now, priceless.

From Media Plan to Sharing Content.

We start with a free consultation where we help you to brainstorm a content schedule that will be planned-out over a calendar month. We then create the content, edit it, and then publish it. From there, we systematically link back to it everywhere on the web where your target keyword search phrase is located.


Sharing is Caring for your Google Ranking.

When you share your content with your target customer, you also get the attention of Google’s Algorithm. It’s sort of like a Hollywood reporter who is taking note of the actors at a really poche Oscar after-party. Your attendance gets noticed by peers and fans, and also Google will take record in the form of what is called a backlink.


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